This game is a cut down version of the one available as part of Rapid Maths 5. It is intended for children in year 5 (ages 9-10), using paper to help work out the answers.

To save download time all the voice-overs have been removed. To play the game wait for a question, work out the answer and type it in. Press ENTER to find out if you are correct. If not you will be given more chances and help.

When you have answered the question correctly you must try to catch Bob with one of the 3 objects shown. Click on one of the icons to choose then click on the lever to activate it.

The full game has voice-overs, the ability to enter the children's names and also records their results. The teacher can alter whether the input for questions written in columns is entered backwards (as seen here) or forwards.

Before starting to play the game, scroll the window to the bottom so the whole game is visible then click somewhere in the game to allow you to type the answers.